CEREC® One-Appointment Crown

A major distinguishing factor of our practice is our CEREC® system. This provides patients with convenient, one-appointment crowns. By taking a digital impression of the dental arch, we are able to control the design and function of the crown, and mill an aesthetic, high-strength crown right here in the office.

Patients no longer have to endure messy impressions or wear temporary crowns (for up to 10 days) while an outside dental lab fabricates their crown. Digital impressions and chair-side crown design minimize distortion and error by eliminating the need for communication with an outside lab. CEREC® allows us to restore decayed, broken-down teeth to their proper form and function — in a single appointment!

Pre-CEREC® Procedure

Before CEREC®, the patient was required to undergo a two-appointment ordeal and wait several weeks before the permanent crown was placed. After determining that a crown was needed, the dentist made a mold or impression using a messy putty-like substance, after which the impression was sent to an outside dental lab that manufactures crowns.

The patient would be provided with a temporary crown which was worn for a week or two, or until the new crown was completed. Temporary crowns are not strong and can easily slip off the tooth, resulting in the patient’s embarrassment. After the crown was finished, the patient would come in for a second appointment, during which the crown would be placed on the tooth. Some bite adjustments would usually be required.

Convenient CEREC® Procedure

At the first appointment, during which the dentist determines that a crown is needed, a digital image or impression is taken of the tooth using a special intraoral camera. CEREC® software creates a virtual model of the tooth, and from this model the dentist constructs the tooth restoration on-screen.

The finished construction is transmitted wirelessly to an in-office milling machine which mills a high-quality, durable crown from high-grade ceramic material. The dentist adds a few finishing touches, if necessary, and the perfectly sized, shaped and colored crown is placed on the tooth. It’s that simple!